You buy Type III hard coat for toughness not perfect color matching. If you want colors to be exact, please purchase Cerakote. We guarantee your scales will vary from side to side, some more than others. Due to the nature of Type III Hardcoat anodizing there may be slight color variations from batch to batch or side to side. Sometimes there may also be some light mottling in the color, or the grain of the aluminum may show through the coating. This is normal and in NO way affects the performance or function of the grips whatsoever. We feel that it is a worthy tradeoff for a vastly superior coating hardness. The Type III coating we use is incredibly hard (harder than steel actually) and is the MOST durable coating available on the market.

Our scales are machined from 6061 aluminum and finished with either Type III, Type II, or Cerakote. We wanted to touch on the Type III hard coat. We anodize with Type III hard coat because of its hardness and abrasion resistance. Type III hard coat grows a thick layer of hard aluminum oxide on the scale. This happens because of the part soaking in a chemical bath while being electrically charged. Next the part is dipped into dye and the semi porous surface absorbs the dye to take on its color. Then it is sealed (except the Sniper Grey). The color result is dependent upon a lot of factors, hence the color variances.

Because of the above, we guarantee that colors will vary. We do our best to match colors, but unfortunately, we still have some that vary. Again, if you want perfect color, go with Cerakote. If you are looking for durability we recommend Type III hard coat.