About Us

Applied Weapons Tech is a Christian owned and operated company founded by an avid firearms enthusiast and disabled OEF veteran. In 2020, AWT was sold to a gentleman in Texas, but the traditions and values remain the same.

We take pride in designing and milling all of our scales right here in the great state of Texas.

Due to the challenging nature of procuring/producing certain hardware components in the United States, we source some of our hardware from China. In order to ensure that we offer our customers the best possible products, we have partnered with Knives Plus to supply us with their exceptional hardware, which we consider to be the top choice in the current market.

Our shop uses the most modern equipment available, state of the art HAAS CNC machines make light work of even the most complex of parts. When you make a purchase from AWT, you can rest assured you are getting the finest manufacturing money can buy.