PNW Bushcraft Handmade Waxed Cloth Ditty Bags

PNW Bushcraft Handmade Waxed Cloth Ditty Bags

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Waxed canvas ditty bags that are sure to help you stay organized in your backpack and with your camping gear.

These bags are made from premium quality 10.1 oz waxed canvas cloth which holds up great to all kinds of weather and can transport very wet items. You will get the large one that measures 10" deep by 8" across , the medium is 9" x6 "

This "Army Duck" Waxed Canvas -- 10.10 ounces is a field tan color and pulls shut with a paracord. This was created to be a traditional Bushcraft item but has so many uses. You can put so many different items in here. We use one for our backpacking camp stove, lantern, fire starting supplies, cooking pots, snack items and the list goes on. This is a great addition to any backpack or a gift for a special someone. You will NOT find a better quality product out there. This is top shelf gear for the serious outdoor enthusiast.

*Please Note: Because these products are made of heavy duty canvas they do not cinch tight at the top. They get a lot smaller but don't close completely.

The waxed canvas used on the product is made using a specialized process that was created in the 1800’s. Martexin Original Wax has a superior finish that is made with environmentally friendly blend of waxes that is non-hazardous. This fabric process creates a lifelong resistance to weather and it will develop a beautiful worn look. The 100 % cotton fabric will show scratches and become distressed but will continue to look better over time as it develops its own patina.

Care Instructions:
Wash with damp cloth or hose
Do Not use soap
Do Not machine wash
Do Not dry clean

Each item is designed, created, hand crafted, and tested in a small shop in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of America. All of their items are made with great care and top of the line materials with the intent that the item will be with you for a long time. They value traditional skills and a beautiful handmade product.