Dillon 550 550B Primer Track Bearing Plate W/Ball Bearing

Dillon 550 550B Primer Track Bearing Plate W/Ball Bearing

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3rd generation Dillon Primer Track Bearing Slide, made from 16 gauge 304 series stainless steel. 

Dillon 550B is a great press, however the priming system is it's weakness. This plate has been developed to solve the primer slide binding/sticking. Two separate forces are pushing and pulling on the primer slide simultaneously while it moves towards the primer magazine to pick up a primer. 

First - When the primer slide (14281) is moving back into the primer housing/shield (20263) to pick up a primer, the primer slide return spring (13928) is pulling the bottom of the primer slide causing it to tip, which allows more debris to get under the primer slide, which causes binding. 

Second - The primer slide is being pushed towards the primer housing on the right side by the operating rod (13869) to pick up a primer. This causes the primer slide to bind/rotate/twist in the channel of the primer housing/shield (20263)

When the primer slide is sliding towards the primer housing, the bottom is supported by the extended plate, so the tipping is virtually eliminated. The sideways pressure on the primer slide from the operating rod is now being supported by the sealed ball bearing for the entire travel of the primer bar. By the ball bearing aligning the primer slide, the primer slide moves back and forth in a straight line, the binding which causes stuck primer slides has nearly been eliminated.

This was extensively tested with over 5,000 rounds that were loaded on two different Dillon 550B presses, small/large primers, with and without a case-feeder.  During the testing, the priming system was only cleaned with compressed air.   Happy customers have reported thousands of rounds loaded without the need to disassemble the priming system for cleaning.  We recommend only lubricating with powdered graphite, it helps keep it slick and running smoother.

**For Dillon 450 users, we have have received feedback from several DL 450 owners that it fits and functions correctly. We have not personally tested it on a DL 450. 

Includes an Allen wrench, bearing, and directions.

Design has been Copyrighted and a Patent pending.